DIY Tags


Spending money on simple tags? Here’s your solution – DIY tags!

All you need is ink, tags, tape, stamp, and a permanent marker.


First, you’ll want to get tags similar to the one I have above.  Then get a simple stamp, such as paint splatter as your background, along with an ink box of the color you like.  I recommend the Color Box brand because their pigment is super rich which is perfect for this project!  Pick a tape that has a fun print that goes along with your theme (Halloween, birthday, etc).  I found that Little Bee had adorable options.  Lastly, make sure you have a permanent marker with you for writing!  Anything from sharpie to faber castell works great.  You want something that has a lot of ink and fluidity.  Also, the tip should not be too thin.  I got all my supplies from A.C. Moore, but they should be available at any art store.

Ok, let’s start!

  1. Take your stamp and press evenly on the ink pad.
  2. Stamp the print onto your tag.  Repeat with other cards.
  3. Take 2 pieces of tape and place them on both sides of the tag.  With a scissor,  cut off the edges that are sticking out.  Hole punch the small circle on the edge of the tag.  Repeat with other cards.
  4. Write anything you want with your marker.
  5. Put it on presents, or simply hand out as business cards!IMG_2522IMG_2523