San Francisco’s Hometown Creamery Review

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Vegan chocolate sorbet in a ‘smidge’ size

I was blown away on my recent trip to San Francisco where I discovered the most delightful place that literally makes absolutely everything from scratch!

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My family and I were on a hunt to find some post-lunch treat, and thankfully, the Asian-like structure of Hometown Creamery caught our eyes.  There, my brother and I instantly looked into the glass freezer where nine small tubs of ice creams were showcased: roasted black sesame, chocolate sorbet, peanut butter chocolate fudge, fresh mint chip, French roast, fresh ginger, coconut, cookies n’ cream, and pluot sorbet.

My brother headed for the classic flavor of fresh mint chip, a personal favorite, while I went for the vegan chocolate sorbet (which I must replicate by the way!) in a ‘smidge’ size (an adorable term the creamery uses for their smallest cup).  Hometown Creamery offers six sizes (flight being a dreamy assembly of 5 different scoops) in either a cup or homemade waffle cone.  If you choose to go an alternate route, Hometown Creamery offers more options, such as sundaes, milkshakes, coke floats and ice cream sandwiches with homemade (of course) cookies.

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One of the founders, Saadi, was there to scoop out our ice cream, who I was so delighted and lucky to have met!  Saadi proudly explained to us that he makes everything from scratch at the creamery – from the ice cream to the mix-ins (think marshmallows, fudge sauces) to even the paintings decorating the walls.

He went into detail about how the space was a former Asian restaurant, and how he and his brother preserved some parts (like the exterior and the woodwork on the interior) and gutted themselves other parts.  Hometown Creamery is adorned by ten painting representing San Francisco’s diverse neighborhoods, which Saadi painted himself.

Having been inspired by this true Maker Movement pioneer, I complemented him on the authenticity of the creamery, and the rich taste of the sorbet.  Saadi added that Hometown Creamery is the only creamery in San Francisco to make small batch ice cream completely from scratch.  By making ice cream in small batches, the ice cream stays true to that homemade richness, texture, and flavor.  But the small batch technique is not the only thing that makes this creamery stand out – they pasteurize their own milk, and use local, raw ingredients.

He kindly motioned us to a glass window where we saw the room where the ice cream is made.  Saadi told us that Hometown creamery makes their own base (with raw ingredients) that simply has milk, cream, eggs, sugar and vanilla.  During the pasteurization process, he infuses flavors directly into the base (for example: mint leaves for mint ice cream).  Every single and detailed step definitely makes an impact to the overall quality of the ice cream!

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Saadi (far left) engaging with customers while my brother and I (3rd and 4rth from the left) are making an important decision. Notice: the paintings on the high wall, and below, are photographs of how this place came to be.

Hometown Creamery is the epitome of “from scratch”.  They even offer small group tours to show the process of making delicious ice cream – I say that any company that wants to show you how they make their products is an amazing company!

A definite ice cream destination visit on your trip to San Francisco!

Once you do visit, you will notice that some flavors may change – this creamery is so fresh, they use ingredients that are seasonal.  On my next trip, I will surely go for their ‘flight’ size.  Oh, and make sure you put a pin where you’re from on their visitors’ map!

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