Welcome!  I’m Kayla, and I’m the recipe developer, photographer, and homemade lover behind To: You From: Scratch.

You’ve probably guessed it by now – I enjoy making everything from scratch!

Here, you’ll find a collection of food and product recipes that celebrate fresh ingredients that are gluten, dairy free, and not heavily processed.

My hope in creating this blog is that so people, dietarily constricted or not, will feel comfortable with their lifestyle, and realize that living “free” can be beyond just good.  In seventh grade, a big obstacle came my way.  I was having constant stomach aches and pains, and my doctor recommended I go dairy free.  However, when I wanted to eat dairy, I could take a pill to help.  The pill didn’t work, so I resorted to my final option to become completely dairy free.  At first, I felt deprived of the foods I love, but with time I realized how much better I felt.  I overcame the challenge of starting fresh by creating new recipes, discovering new restaurants, and making my own products.

When I make things from scratch, I think of how our ancestors did this as part of their daily routine.  Part of why this blog is called To:You From:Scratch is because the pace of our society has sped up significantly in the last 100 years.  Modern times have given the world TV dinners, microwave ovens, and pre-made crafts.  Being lost along the way of these technological advancements are the artisanal techniques, and recipes for making food with love for our loved ones.  My dairy and gluten intolerance kick started my journey into understanding what really goes into foods that society buys.  What started off as terrible gastric pains actually led me on a journey to discovering the ways of the past that are now being lost like adapting and creating recipes, and continuing to make crafts from scratch.

I am extremely proud to share my recipes and techniques with the dairy free and gluten free community, and with people who are interested in the ways of the past!



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