Vegan Rolled Eggplant with Quinoa Filling

Inspired by the classic ingredients of Sicily, I decided it was about time I made a real savory dish. Don’t get me wrong – I love to bake, but this time, I wanted to challenge myself by incorporating Sicily’s produce with an enjoyable, and healthy twist.  What did I come up with?  Rolled eggplant with quinoa filling.  It’s simple, healthy, and maybe more importantly, chilled. 

It’s quite refreshing to bite into this roll, and the quinoa filling almost mimics ricotta (delicious!).

Let’s take a look at the nutrition:

  • Eggplant is a great source of dietary fiber, which is very important for a gastrointestinal health.  In addition to the fiber, it contains Vitamin C (which boosts the immune system) and Manganese (which is an antioxidant).
  • Quinoa is a praised superfood.  This is because it’s a complete protein (providing all essential amino acids), helping you stay satisfied.  Once again, it contains fiber, as well as Manganese.  There are so many more benefits!  To check out more, click this link.
  • Tumeric has anti-inflammatory benefits.

So not only do these eggplant rolls with quinoa filling taste amazing, but they clearly have the qualities to make a healthy meal.  Perfect for the summer, this recipe doesn’t take much to whip up, and it’s chilled status only makes it more enjoyable either the day of, or even for days to come (bonus for vacation time 🙂 ).

Rolled Eggplant with Quinoa Filling
Recipe type: Lunch/Dinner
Cuisine: Gluten-free, Vegan
Prep time: 
Cook time: 
Total time: 
For the eggplant rolls
  • 3 medium eggplants
  • extra virgin olive oil
  • salt
  • oregano
Quinoa filling
  • 1½ cups cooked, fluffy quinoa
  • 1 tsp turmeric
  • salt, to taste
  • paprika
For the eggplant rolls
  1. Set the oven to 392 degrees Fahrenheit.
  2. Clean the eggplant, and cut the eggplant into slightly less than ½ inch slices vertically.
  3. Put the slices on a parchment-lined pan, and with a brush "paint" on some olive oil on both sides, sprinkling with salt and oregano. Once done with this, sprinkle the tops with salt again.
  4. Place the pans in the oven until golden-brown, about 10-15 minutes on each side, flipping them (depending on the oven).
  5. Take them out of the oven, letting them cool. Once fully cooled, place them in the refrigerator.
Quinoa filling
  1. In a blender, blend the quinoa until mostly smooth (around 80%), with a few quinoa grains in the mix.
  2. Add the turmeric, salt, and paprika.
  3. Place the quinoa filling into the refrigerator if fully cooled.
Final product
  1. Once both the eggplant and quinoa are chilled, scoop out a spoonful of the quinoa filling into the eggplant slices. Then roll. Repeat until finished. Place them back in the fridge for leftovers, and enjoy!



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